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A message of hope from employees at Pixar Animated Studios ♥ It Gets Better

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First of all, I dragged myself down to uni to pick up a few of my textbooks, even though it was so not the weather to even leave the house. But I persevered, and off I went, by train too. 

When I got there I was accosted, yes accosted, by a man from the voting commission, or whatever it’s called, and he gave my paperwork to enroll to vote, which I took off him and went on my way. 

I was walking along when a banner for same-sex marriage caught my eye, so I wandered over to have a little looksie, and the guy stopped me and asked if I wanted to sign a petition, which obviously I did, so I stopped and signed, and as I was signing he asked me why I was doing it, and I told him cause I’m gay, which was terrifying, cause I’ve never really said it aloud before, let alone to a random, and he was totally cool with it, and we got into this massive conversation about marxism, racism, refugees, and just equality and rights in general, then we wished each other luck, and off I went on my merry way. 

I didn’t get very far, when I heard someone call my name, turns out it was Georgie, and she was helping man a table for the Oaktree Foundation, an NGO I was a volunteer for in 2009. Stopped and had a little chit chat with her, which was lovely.

Then I continued my journey to the bookshop, where I picked up some of my text books, and on the way I passed the table for the unis version of a GSA, but I didn’t stop, cause I was scared. But getting my text books I worked up the courage, and on my way to the library to pick up my student ID I stopped, and had a chat, and they gave me a brochure for a Queer Rally, which was neat. 

And then I stopped to chat to a guy I know from Oaktree,  who’s going to set me up doing work with another NGO, that’s based at the uni, and need someone doing International Aid & Development, which is the course I’m doing, so that should be good.

All of that was pretty successful, and then I had to hack it back home on the train, but to get to the bus stop for the bus that would take me to the train station I had to go through an underpass all on my own, which was pretty damn scary, because dude, I watch enough crime shows to know whats goes on in those things O_O But I made it through, and got to the train station safely.

Then I got on the train to come back home, and I was sat there quietly plugged into my iPod going through the various brochures etc that had been foisted upon me at the school, when the one for the Queer Rally fell and fluttered (yes, it fluttered) to the floor in the middle of the aisle in the train, so as I was taking the stuff off my lap so I could reach over without causing a catastrophe, an older man who was across the aisle lent over to pick it up, and as he saw what it was for, he gave me this look (if they could kill, I’d be dead) and sat back in his seat. So I nearly killed my self leaning across a seat while balancing several textbooks and a stack of papers, to get this brochure off the floor. 

Yet after all the trials and tribulations of the day,(just a tad of drama) I am now home safely. 

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I had my end of year English exam today, the exam that counts as half of our final grade, and determines wether we graduate or not.

I don’t know about other countries exams, but for our English one we have 3 sections, and 3 hours. Reading, writing and viewing. Reading, there are two questions each worth 15 marks, and you have to answer both of them and use one of the texts you studied during the year. Writing, is always my favourite, normally has 6 questions and you pick one, worth 30 marks, and there’s normally a couple which give you the leeway to be able to write a story or a speech, and not a essay. And there’s viewing, you choose one of two questions, worth 30 marks, and you have pictures you have to write about and you have to use a visual text you’ve studied.

I always leave the writing section till last, because it’s my favorite, and I’m not going to lie, I’m good at it. I’ve always loved creative writing, and I’ve been reading novels since I was tiny, so I have a good handle on the written word.

Today I chose the question, "Stories have the power to explain who we are. Present a response to this in any form." So I chose to do journal entries, on a topic that may have jeopardized my English grade. I know I wrote well, it was definitely an A grade paper, but I go to a fairly strict, private, Catholic school, and I wrote about LGBT pride & equality, because it’s what was on my mind, and I think it’s an important topic. And I know I’ll probably end up being penalized for writing about something so opposed to the catholic church, and all my schools beliefs, I know, because I’ve been unfairly graded when I’ve written about “controversial” topics before. But guess what? I don’t care. Because I know that there will 3 people who will have to read my paper, that’s 3 people who’ll have to read and think about my message.

My journal entries were from the perspective of a 16yo girl in the US, who’s confused with her sexuality, and leaning towards lesbianism. The date? October 20 2010, Spirit Day. The girl writes about how confused she is, and how she doesn’t know if she can tell her parents about how she feels, and how she wishes she could write a story explaining who she is, that she could give to anyone who gave her disapproving glares as she walked down the street hand in hand with her girlfriend, or when her friends teased gays, or when the priest refuses to marry her and the woman she loves.

This story, that she could give people to read to make them understand that she is who she is.

The girl writes about the issues facing the LGBT community around the world, the injustices and obstacles they face from the government, and, of course, the injustices and obstacles from the Catholic church.

And all she wants is to be happy being herself, to not be the awkward subject at family gatherings, for her parents to understand that this is her life, not a phase, all she wants is for it to be okay for her to be her.

I want it to be okay to be ME.

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Take the pledge and help spread our message of hope. It Gets Better.

THE PLEDGE: Everyone deserves to be respected for who they are. I pledge to spread this message to my friends, family and neighbors. I’ll speak up against hate and intolerance whenever I see it, at school and at work. I’ll provide hope for lesbian, gay, bi, trans and other bullied teens by letting them know that “It Gets Better.”

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Today, October 20th, we remember and honour the memory of the seven, and countless others, who have taken their own lives under the pressure put upon them through homophobic bullying.

These were people, like you and me, they had families, they had friends, they had people who loved them, and people who they loved, and all them were someone’s child. And now, today, they are no longer with us.

They are no longer with us because of the merciless actions of others. Because of the ruthless taunting, the relentless torture, both mental and physical, that they were put through by their “peers”, by people who are equal to them. These people are in no way superior, no way better, if anything, they are inferior, because of the pain they have caused, the lives they have ruined, the hearts broken. Because of their actions.

And none of this is fair, none of the pain justifiable, no punishment enough. Those people responsible for the death of all those who took their own lives are as responsible as a murderer for a homicide, without them these people would still be here today, to continue being part of a family, to continue loving and being loved, and to someday have children of their own.

Homophobic bullying must end. It isn’t fair.

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So I’m wearing purple nail polish, and I’m going to wear purple shorts under my school dress, and a purple hair ribbon :D RESPECT.