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photos from chobe national park in botswana and kenya’s masai mara by (click pic) nevil lazarus, franz lanting, paul goldstein, mario moreno and marcel van oosten. august 12 is world elephant day. give current poaching trends, the african elephant will be extinct within a decade.  (see also: previous elephant posts)

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ni la tierra ni las mujeres somos territorio de conquista.

Neither land nor women are territories of conquest
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About 5 weeks old now, from Clementine von Radics “For My Mother When She Doesn’t Feel Beautiful”.

"Don’t worry about your body.
It isn’t as small as it once was,
But honestly, the world needs more of you.
You look in the mirror
like you’ve done something wrong,
But you look perfect.
Anyone who says otherwise is telling a lie to make you feel weak.
And you know better.
You’ve survived every single day for as long as you’ve been alive.
You could spit fire if you wanted.”

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Chloe Moretz: a summary

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Bill Hader hosting Saturday Night Live (October 11, 2014)

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For this year’s DUMBO Arts Festival, artist Tom Fruin displayed this colorful plexiglass house as a part of a collaborative project titled Reflection / Kolonihavehus with performance duo CoreAct in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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Can we just take a moment to look at Jessica Lange’s young self

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Enchanted forest by Dina Julayeva

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